Fr. Kingsley: Dear friends

Dear Friends,Fr Kingsley Ihejirika, DMIWOO Founder

The Divine Mercy Organization for Widows and Orphans is a compassionate response to humanity’s mission to do the most good for the most in need. We realize that we are simply beneficiaries of Divine Grace and that the best way to appreciate that grace is to become ourselves instruments of Grace; a channel through which God reaches out to the most vulnerable. It is something TREMENDOUS that GOD RELIES on you and me to accomplish his work and because of that RELIANCE we cannot fail him.

For almost 14 years we have been willing partners with God committed to that task of empowering the needy widows & orphans of Obike, Nigeria and lifting them out of poverty. 

Why here? Members of our nonprofit organization have visited this impoverished town and developed a personal and ongoing connection and relationship by which we can closely follow and see the results of our charitable efforts. 

In addition to providing the daily needs of food, clothing and health care, we also saw the need to provide for a widow’s lifetime and an orphan’s lifetime. And so, we have been working to provide skills and acquisitions training to young widows that will lead to self-sufficiency; and education to orphans aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty.

Your gift will have a lifetime of impact on these poor widows and defenseless orphans – helping to restore their human dignity. Touch a life. Restore a hope. Give what you are able…to change a life.

May God bless you,

Fr. Kingsley Ihejirika

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